Household tasks, hassle free

Imagine coming home from work to the smell of lasagne baking. The house is tidy and the shared shopping done. And everyone's chipped in! Whether it’s cleaning, cooking or shopping, Fairshare is the easiest way to keep your household humming.

See personal contributions

Do the house work you think is fair and focus on the things you enjoy. With Fairshare’s task system, you’ll never be left wondering who’s done what again.

Never miss a bill

Fairshare’s bookkeeping system lets everyone know when shared expenses are paid. It also keeps a running tally of who owes what so it’ll be the end of awkward messages reminding people to pay up.

Shopping simplified

The Fairshare shopping list is child’s play. Simply add any items you share and swipe them off as you go. You’ll save time spent in the su- permarket and will never need to remind your roommate to pick up that much needed toilet paper again.

Keep talking

Stay connected with your roommates when you’re apart. Whether it’s a quick message, a silly joke, or simply saying hi, Fairshare is your private communications hub. With helpful reminders and notifications, you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your roommates.

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What users have to say

We remember our own efforts but don’t always observe what others contribute. Fairshare is a simple and brilliant use of technology that kills dead the 'you’re not pulling your weight around the house' speculation.

Daniel Toohey

FANTASTIC! I love this App! And definitely recommend it for every household!

Sarah Hansen

Brilliant, without a doubt. This app is so awesome that my phone became sentient.

Andreas Rudolph