Make a share-home

Do the house work you think is fair and focus on the things you enjoy. Eat together like a family. Encourage each other for jobs well done. Live together as a household.

Keep talking

Houses just work when everybody talks. Fairshare’s House Feed keeps your house in touch, whether it’s organising a dinner, choosing a movie or seeing what’s been done, you’ll know what’s going on with your housemates.

Never miss a bill

With Fairshare, Bookkeeping lets everyone know when bills and rent are paid. At the end of the month you’ll get a final statement of where you all stand. It’s the end of awkward messages reminding people to pay up.

As Featured In

We remember our own efforts but don’t always observe what others contribute. Fairshare is a simple and brilliant use of technology that kills dead the “you’re not pulling your weight around the house” speculation.

Daniel Toohey

FANTASTIC! I love this App! And definitely recommend it for every household!

Sarah Hansen

Brilliant, without a doubt. This app is so awesome that my phone became sentient.

Andreas Rudolph